One of our own Instagram greats, Lokesh Padmashali, speaks to Mid-Day on his personal project that explores infinite possibilities in a single line.

An Ongoing Project By Lokesh Padmashali Pays Homage To The Dexterity And Beauty Of A Single, Continuous Line. Lokesh Padmashali starts with the eyes. His stylus moves swiftly over his Samsung Note, and soon the squiggles take shape. A face forms. All the while, his stylus has been dedicatedly stuck to the screen; he hasn't lifted it even once.

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Softwall-ing the world of Apple

On 20th October Apple unveiled the 1st Apple Town Square in Chicago. It comes 16 years after the 1st Apple Store was unveiled in Glendale California, in 2001.
This post discusses the significance of ideas that are being put forth by Apple while presenting to the world it’s new vision of, not just Apple retail, but arguably traditional retail model itself.

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This not-yet-30-year-old is scripting Tina Fey's next.

Neethi Isaac joins us as a Senior Brand Partner, from Holmes and Marchant, Singapore.
As part of our welcome ritual, we ask her a few tough questions.

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Design as the OS of business.

Design as the OS of business.

Design can define the fundamental framework of a business. Identify and amplify the game-changing vectors. Craft the experience to bring alive the proposition. Maeda, arguably the biggest champion of design's high-seat on the business board, is out with his state of design report - design-in-tech 2017.

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Is Zara actually a smart consumer insights company?

At Open, we believe that the big opportunity lies in designing businesses themselves. Zara, the beacon of imaginative business thinking, is one such example. They flipped the whole idea of 'fashion as a top-down, well-considered (and hence slow) influence' to 'fashion as a feedback machine'. With that lens in place, they realised that the big play was in investing into creating the insights mechanism in place, one that puts buyers, analysts, commercial managers with designers. Zara outpaces the industry by playing not the fashion, but the consumer insights game.

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Chasing millennials, and getting it wrong.

Chasing millennials, and getting it wrong.

Online polls are always to be taken with a pinch of salt, especially one which seems to be pushing personal agenda, but this millennial report from Google surely makes for an interesting reading. Vice, the media that is supposed to get them is the second least cool brand, just about beating Wall Street Journal! Let this decoding millennials business continue.

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