I'm a psychologist, turned designer, turned brand strategist. I write a blog (very inconsistently) in my spare time. Bangalorean at heart. 80s and 90s music junkie. I make a mean South Indian filter coffee. I love dogs, beautiful type and clean white spaces. If there's a meme or viral video, I probably saw it first.

A movie was made out of your life: tell us its genre, title and lead actor.
It would most certainly be a comedy titled "Instagrandma", (because I'm really an old soul, addicted to social media!) played by Tina Fey.

We are O-pun. What pun in your arsenal will show us you are one of us?
I'm not joking when I say I made this up myself at a very young age. What do you call an African-American man who cries about everything?
Emotional black male.

Your favourite piece of creative work? What do you like about it?
For the longest time now, my favourite piece of creative work has been the brand created for Indigo. I believe that creative work that's worth high praise is not just visually beautiful, but is relevant, consistent, has a strong personality, and works hard to deliver well for the business. To me, the Indigo brand symbolises the potential that homegrown brands have to deliver similar experiences.

What do we rely on you for, for the next party?
A killer retro playlist, the best dip you've ever tasted, and pictures of everything that transpired (which you probably won't remember the next day.)

If you were deserted on an island with no hope of seeing civilisation again, what is the one song you will listen to before your phone battery dies?
Heart's live rendition of Stairway to Heaven featuring Jason Bonham

_______ gets better with age?
Neethi gets better with age.
(I'm a few days away from turning 30 so this is how I plan to keep myself motivated)