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Helping a category leader claim a share of the future

A leader struggling to break free of its legacy

CMS is India’s biggest cash management company. Under a new leadership, it moved from being a part of a family-owned group to becoming a dynamic category growth driver. While it changed from within, the brand continued to hold on to legacy associations. It needed to refresh itself, to not just reflect its current truth, but to also align itself to the fast-changing world of money & transactions.

The change of lens on business. From a logistics company to the life force of commerce

We realised that cash management was trapped in the world of logistics – talking and delivering physical infrastructure. But businesses were looking for abstraction from the messy details of cash management – a black-box solution. CMS needed to look at money differently – not as a heavy and messy physical entity to be safely delivered, but as vital life-force of commerce, that keeps the economy throbbing. It gave birth to the new promise:


The new identity: ‘money as energy’

The new CMS logo captured the idea of ‘money as energy’. It conveyed a new set of values, relevant to the emerging opportunity: ‘fluidity’ and ‘adaptive-ness’. The brand colors strike a fine balance between solidity and vitality. They reflect two of the biggest strengths of CMS – scale and agility.

Connecting Commerce

Creating a house of brands

We created an architecture that brought different vertical offerings under one promise and helped underline the scale of the company’s offerings. It also helped visualize how opportunities in the pipeline can be brought under the new architecture, thus creating a consolidated view of the future.



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