Fostering a culture of holistic infrastructure development

Making the GVK way of infrastructure development visible

Construction is often a destructive force – it builds shiny new things, but at the expense of existing ecology. India’s leading infrastructure developers GVK has always had a responsible and holistic approach to development. They have a culture of developing splendid green zones around all projects. They wanted to highlight this approach by giving it an identity.

Positioning it as a modern botanical garden

We decided to create a single entity of all the green zones spread across the country and called it the GVK Botanical Gardens. By positioning it such, we wanted to ensure that green zones were not seen as a mere aesthetic layer. The logo, Inspired by ‘Tree of life’, captures the idea of sustenance of the native.

Giving body to the botanical garden

Just calling it a botanical garden would not have delivered the position. We created a vision for the brand, giving it a presence in line with world-class botanical gardens.



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