Driving adoption for a new service app

Articulating the benefit of a fresh service proposition

Sequoia-backed Helpchat is a personal assistant app. With an ever-increasing struggle for mobile screen real estate, they needed a simple-to-understand, yet powerful articulation of their promise to drive adoption.

Arming people against tasks

We identified the big battlefield – people against un-ending job lists. Helpchat was in the business of arming people against tasks. We tapped into a cultural truth: India’s uncomfortable transition from a help-dependent to a self-dependent society. So while the service was new, its appeal was deeply ingrained. From there came a seductive promise:

‘Do more. By doing less.’

Capturing amplification in the visual identity

The logo captures the idea of ‘amplification’. It depicts connections that helps you do more. The colorful lines connote the many hues of help that Helpchat offers.

Cueing usage through iconography

Creating a visual vocabulary to cue usage. Iconography to categorize different kinds of expertise that Helpchat offers.


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