Making vegetarian food unboring

The opposite of exciting, is vegetarian

For a country as hugely vegetarian as India, vegetarians surprisingly get a raw deal when eating out. The options boil down to choosing between aloo and paneer. Anubhav Ananda, a venture backed by the retail veteran and passionate vegetarian Bela Gupta, wanted to correct this. They were launching a food-tech brand of gourmet vegetarian meal like no other.

A vegetarian lifestyle brand - Herbivore

We envisioned the brand as a lifestyle brand. Well-travelled, wholesome and with a well-designed experience. We called it Herbivore.

Our promise – ‘The Infinite Vegetarian’.

The product proposition as the identity

Herbivore came with a 30-day no repeat promise. Variety and imagination were the heart of the proposition. We created a dynamic identity which simply conveyed the idea of exciting meals.




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