Communicating the power of
3D printing

Driving adoption for a game-changing technology

Imaginarium is India’s largest 3D printing company. The technology has usage across industries and its growth is only limited by imagination and application. The task hence is to make the makers from across industries realize the potential of the technology and the difference it can make to them.

Capturing the proposition in the most basic element of communication: the font

The technology is magical in the way it works. But instead of communicating the complex sophistication of it, we needed demonstrate the benefit, in a way that was simply understood. So we created the first font that could be printed in 3 dimension.

Showing the magic of 3D printing in the campaign in one word

We created a minimalist campaign for Imaginarium using the font. There was little that we needed to say. We created a one word campaign – where intent turned to reality and problem turned to solution, mid-way through the word.



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