Mee Mee

How do you build stature and
trust into a sharp product brand?

Products sell, but the brand does not register.

Mee Mee had a large babycare product range. On the back of a great product line, it sold in hundreds of stores across India. But it had a problem – it lacked emotional stickiness and stature needed to enter the more competitive categories. We set out to re-craft the entire brand world around the very fundamentals of the emerging idea of parenting.


Parenting is not all wobbly bums and baby pink giggles.

Our research revealed an interesting fact. Early infancy was tough for the new Indian mothers. Vanishing social support systems, conflicting ideologies and social media wisdom were often making the mother anxious and unsure about the smallest of things. There was a need to reassure the first time mother of her own innate abilities.

Endorse the mother’s instinct.

Be a second time mom to the first time mom.

Mee Mee could help ease things for the hyper-self-conscious first time mothers. We could look at ourselves as second time mothers – wizened by experience and more trustful of her instincts.

Revisiting the identity – adding solidity to the inherent playfulness

The brand name had lightness to it, which was in line with what we were building. We just added a bit of solidity and a modern look to the visual identity. We also created a visual system which both signaled the wide-range and gave it a singular, distinct look.


Packaging as an engagement medium. Bringing the back of pack to the front.

Few categories are higher on involvement than baby care. We realised that packaging could be our most important medium to engage and deliver our positioning. We used each pack to strike a little conversation, the kind a second time would have with a first time mom. We created an architecture that allowed us to both demonstrate our understanding of parenting, and highlight the key features of the product.






Imagining the e-commerce experience for a sleep-deprived mother shopping at 2 am.

Online shopping is big for mothers. However, e-Commerce experience is about the clutter of choices, and clutter does not work when you are talking to tired and sleep-deprived mothers. We re-imagined the experience – with a mobile-first website, which was designed to be the most stress-free destination for her.


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