Mumbai Press Club

Reclaiming relevance for an iconic institution

Defining a role, beyond being a fraternity body

Mumbai Press Club is an iconic institution, set up in 1968 to look after the interests of journalists. As a fraternity body, it plays an important role of creating a sense of shared identity for the journalists. At a time when media and journalism is going through existential changes, Press Club needed to show the way. It needed a new identity that helped convey its vision for journalism.

Back to the fundamentals, for the sake of the future

Journalism had lost its bearings. It floundered in the greys between editorial and commerce, between reportage and rhetoric, between objectivity and activism. Mumbai Press Club became the moral compass to lead it back to objectivity, boldness and perspective-timeless values that journalism was often losing sight of.

A beacon that put things in black and white perspective

We found the imposing and minimalistic beacon to be a potent symbol for Mumbai Press Club. We created a dynamic identity that - much like the institution it represents - constantly scans the environment to bring focus to issues that matter. All in stark black & white, with no room for greys.

Underlining the idea of ‘lighthouse journalism’

The beacon was also an attempt to invoke the important idea of 'lighthouse journalism' - journalism guided by its role and responsibility as the fourth estate, and not merely by readership and commercial considerations.



RedInk Awards: making the values come alive

We realised that as the moral compass of the profession, Mumbai Press Club needed to go out and promote its values in a manner that magnified them. It needed a platform that would continuously highlight what quality journalism means. With the team at Mumbai Press Club, we conceptualized the 'RedInk Awards' - an annual award to celebrate some of the most outstanding pieces of journalism in India, adjudged not by publications, but by the fraternity itself.

Steadily strengthening the idea, till it reaches home

With the help of the fraternity, we have built the RedInk awards, tapping into the most pertinent themes of the times, often borrowing the most respected voices to build its position. It is now amongst the most respected and coveted journalism awards in India.

Signalling the media pollutants: Ouch Awards

To highlight the cringe-worthy moments in the media, Mumbai Press Club instituted an annual parody award. We named it ouch: and used it to award the worst offenders, who with their thoughts and words lowered the level of conversation in media. We created a platform that would allow public shaming of these offenders, in a manner that was light-hearted, yet impactful.


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