Helping a lifestyle brand
change the game

Creating space for an independent challenger

Opium is an eyewear brand from one of India’s biggest distributors of luxury eyewear – Eternity Lifestyles. The brand was launched to cater to younger Indian consumers. In its short existence, the brand had managed to create traction with its products. However, to become a substantial player, it needed a distinct, compelling position of its own against the international and domestic big players.

Behind an interesting pair of glasses, is an interesting mind

Eyewear has built itself through iconic moments around celebrity faces. The dominant promise of eyewear is ‘transformation’ – into a celluloid version of the self. We needed a new vector to build the brand. Opium as a name had a starting point. It cues interesting perspective, perfect for a brand with a uniquely curated product. Opium is made for the most interesting guy in the room.

Treating packaging as a brand campaign medium

Packaging is a rather wasted medium in this category. For Opium, which retails out of most top modern department chains, this was a valuable opportunity to create distinction against the category. We used it to bring alive the brand idea.

The creative creed as the face of the brand

To signal our audience, we got some of the most popular bloggers, stylists, musicians and social influencers to become the face of the brand.



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