CRISIL Foundation

Activating the financial acumen of rural women

A social programme that aims to help the rural poor manage finances better

CRISIL Foundation had created a programme to pass-on financial wisdom to rural women – which, they believed could create lasting changes to the financial health of rural poor households. The key challenge was how to communicate the objective of the programme in a manner that was well understood and adopted by the audience.

Not a program from outside, but a movement driven from within

Most social programmes fail when the solution is externally plugged, and not sought by the beneficiaries. To position the initiative as an enabling and inclusive social movement was critical. We needed a name that evoked the desire to participate. A powerful metaphor that got a cultural nod. We called it ‘Main Pragati’ - reinstating women as the conservers of wealth of a household and making them as the key to progress.

A universally understood visual metaphor

We needed a visual metaphor that conveyed the idea, even to a non-literate audience. We combined the two elements which were central to the programme: women and financial empowerment, and created the identity for the programme.

Embedding the brand in the local milieu

We handpicked elements from the Assamese (project home ground) culture and wove the messaging into existing narratives. Finding media in a rural landscape was a challenge. But instead of introducing elements foreign to the surroundings, we used everyday objects to communicate the programme.


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