Making people re-evaluate
chocolates and desserts

Creating a brand of artisanal chocolates and patisserie

Toshin, a third-generation food entrepreneur and an LCB alumnus, was launching a brand of premium artisanal chocolates and patisserie. He had been working on the products for a couple of years. The result was an offering which was arguably going to be the best available in the market.

Selling nuanced complexity to a culture that thinks in kilos

As a country, India equates sweets with sugar excess. ‘Meetha’ is largely one flat scale of an idea, with little room for nuances. Mass chocolates have built themselves as a substitute of sweets, without bringing any new codes. However, Toshin was all about sophistication of taste, which came from a highly evolved craft. We had to change the way people saw and experienced chocolates and patisserie.

The brand as a peek into the world of an artist

To closely observe Toshin spend months conceptualizing, carefully sourcing the best of ingredients and perfecting every offering, was like seeing an artist at play. The brand, therefore, had to be a window to the finesse and almost lyrical way in which the products were created. With Toshin as the master creator.

Capturing finesse, rather than claiming it

The brand world of Toshin needed to set the expectations high. It had to promise magic even before people experienced the product. We realized that finesse and sophistication of craft are better shown than claimed. We went about capturing the products in a manner that almost turned them into visual art, spectacular in their own right.


Mai Pragati

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